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Family Medicine

Family Medicine services offered in Wynantskill, NY

To ensure you and your family receive the best health care possible, consider working with professionals like Ritchie J. Parrotta, DO, and Scott M. Parrotta, DO, at Wynantskill Family Medicine in Wynantskill, New York. They provide services to help everyone reach optimal health and wellness. Call the office or click the online scheduling tool to book an appointment today. 

Family Medicine Q & A

What is family medicine?

At Wynantskill Family Medicine, the team offers comprehensive health care to young adults and older. Those who practice family medicine are highly trained in a wide range of services that tend to each person’s specific health needs. They provide their expertise and advanced training to deliver the highest level of treatment and care.

What services does family medicine offer?

The primary focus of family medicine is preventive health care. You can rely on this service for screenings and guidance at every stage of life.

If you have a chronic disease or condition, the Wynantskill Family Medicine team offers chronic disease management that can help make improvements to your quality of life.

If you or a family member experiences an unexpected illness or injury, your family medicine provider is available to offer acute care and sick visits.

What are the benefits of family medicine?

When you choose a family medicine practitioner, you experience convenience. You can schedule appointments for the whole family under the umbrella of one practice, which saves you time when compared to having to book appointments all over town for different needs.

At Wynantskill Family Medicine, your providers get to know you as an individual. Family medicine is especially helpful for families with special needs. It can also be helpful if you’re caring for an elderly relative who needs attentive or advanced care. 

In addition, you don’t have to worry about having medical records transferred from several doctors. When you have one family medicine physician for the whole family, your medical records and billing history are consolidated and stay in one place, saving you time and the inconvenience of having to track down records with other doctors’ offices.

The highly trained team and staff at Wynantskill Family Medicine work to make your experience at their practice hassle-free while benefiting the health of the whole family.

To learn more about family medicine and all it has to offer, call the friendly administrative office staff at Wynantskill Family Medicine today. You can also click on the contact page and request an appointment online any time, day or night.